Zippy Lapghan


Wrap yourself in a cloud of softness during those cold fall evenings with this luxurious lapghan.

Knitting loom: Zippy Master Set (used 4 sides, and 4 corners with pegs)

Yarn: 605 yds of Super Bulky (#7) yarn. Lion Brand Color Clouds – Alchemists Aqua was used in sample (11 skeins).

Notions: Knitting tool, tapestry needle, scissors, size Q crochet hook.

Gauge: 5 stitches x 8 rows=4 inches in stockinette

Size: 48″ L (not counting the fringe) x 36″ W

Approx time to knit and assembly: 15 hrs

Zippy Configured


Assemble Zippy Master into a 20-peg configuration (4 sides, and 4 corners with pegs, as shown below).

Make 3 panels as follows:

Cast on 20 stitches, prepare to work a flat panel.

Row 1-93: knit to the end of row.

Bind off with basic bind off method.

Each panel requires approximately 3 skeins. 


Using the mattress stitch, invisibly seam all three panels together.

Block lightly.


Using crochet hook, crochet a single crochet border all around the blanket.

Cut approximately 120 pieces of yarn that are 10” in length to create the tassels.

Add fringe to the cast on edge and the bind off edge of the blanket.

  • Fold the strand of yarn for one fringe in half, forming a small loop at one edge (make sure the ends on the other end of the strand match in length).
  • Use crochet hook and draw the loop through the single crochet stitch where you are attaching the fringe to.
  • Now catch the loose ends of the yarn strand through the loop (thus creating the loop)
  • Tighten the knot by pulling gently on the fringe ends with your hand and holding the knot with the other hand.
  • Trim the ends if necessary to make all the tassels/fringes the same length.

Loom Knit I-Cords

The following instructions came from one of my early tutorial files that were located in my original blog. You can find the file at this link.

I-cords on a loom Pin Me

I-cords are a great way to embellish your knitted items. I-cords can be used around necklines, hems, and around any flat item to add a little touch. My favorite use of I-cords are for bag handles as they are very sturdy and once felted make a very strong handle.

In this instruction pamphlet, you will learn how to make a 3-stitch I-cord on a knitting loom.

I would like to express my gratitude to Lori Lemieux for showing us how to make the I-cord on a knitting loom.

I-cords are very easy to do. All you need is a loom with 3 pegs for a 3 stitch I-cord, or 4 pegs for a 4-stitch I-cord.

3 stitch I-cord


  • Knitting loom with at least 3 pegs
  • Knitting Tool
  • Yarn


  • I-cord is knitted with the Flat Stitch
  • Knit refers to the flat stitch
  • Work the loom in a clockwise direction (right to left)

Set up row: Cast on 3 pegs.

Cast on for i-cord

Step 1: With working yarn coming from the third peg (figure 2), run the yarn behind the pegs to the 1st peg (figure 3).

I-cord from behind I-cord from behind 2

Step 2: Bring yarn to the front of the loom (figure 4), and knit the 3 pegs. Knit the 2nd peg first, then the 1st, last the 3rd. Tip: Pull on the cord every couple of rows to set the stitches.

I-cord front

Repeat steps 1 & 2 until the cord measures the desired length.

Bind off:
Cut yarn leaving a 4 inch tail

Step 1: Move the loop from peg 2 to peg 1. Knit over.

Step 2: Move the loop on peg 1 to peg 2.

Step 3: Move the loop on peg 3 to peg 2. Knit over.

Step 4: With working yarn, e-wrap peg 2. Knit over.

Step 5: Pull the last loop off the peg and pull on the yarn tail end.

Final Step: Hide the yarn tail end by using a tapestry needle.

Ode to Spring Shawl Pattern

OdetoSpringShawlI don’t knit very many shawls, perhaps it is due to the time that they take to knit, but they are one of the most favorite items to wear. I only have a couple of them and each one is dear to me.


Recently, I created the Ode to Spring Shawl pattern for distribution at It uses a knitting loom with 80 pegs. The sample used the Premium Round Loom Set, however, you can use any other knitting loom that it is similar in gauge.


You can find the pattern on their blog, as well as the video. In case you are not familiar with that blog, I decided to include it here too for your enjoyment.

Non-Loopy Ewrap Cast On

Non-Loopy ewrap

In my constant search for a nice and clean edge for my loom knit items, I have found a few ways to create the cast on. The one I demonstrate in this video is one of my favorites and it has become my go-to for all my items. It is done quite a bit like the regular ewrap cast on, except you skip every other peg. Once you have gone around the loom, ewrapping every other peg, you will get to the next round and you will

Step 1: knit the first peg

Step 2: pick up the ladder coming behind the next peg, twist it and place it on the empty peg

Step 3: knit the peg from #2 (above)

Repeat all the way around Steps 1-3.

Here is a video demonstrating the steps. Please let me know in the comments (below) your thoughts after you have tried it out.

You can try this new cast on out with the newly released Borealis Hat.

Pattern details:

LOOM:  56 peg Baby Knit Loom (Mint color hat loom) by KB Looms (80 peg Premium Hat loom (orange color hat loom).

YARN:  Approx 65 (105) yds of worsted weight wool yarn. Red Heart Chic Sheep in Vineyard was used in sample (100% wool, 3.5oz/100g; 186yds/170m).

NOTE: 2 sizes provided, baby and adult.

Brimmed Beanie Redo!

Brimmed beanie
I love when I can find a use for my old patterns. Here is another one of my favorites that you can do on the new KB Chunky Premium looms. The Brimmed Beanie uses some of my ultimate favorite yarn, Malabrigo Rasta. Malabrigo Rasta is chunky and luscious! You want to grab it by the handfuls and just sleep on it!

New re-worked pattern to work on the new Premium Chunky Round Looms.  Grab your copy or save it to your Ravelry.

If you have the old KK, looms, you may want to grab the old patterns–this is a link to my Box account where I keep a bunch of my old patterns. Link to the original Brimmed Beanie–uses the 41 peg KK loom. 



Borealis Hat

I love creating little items for babies. I was so happy when KB decided to go forth and design a baby set of knitting looms and I eagerly awaited their release. This pattern uses a simple 2×2 rib stitch for the brim and then the andalusian stitch for the body of the hat. The instructions also include instructions for an adult size hat. However, the sample shown is for the baby size. Also, I cannot express how much I love the Chic Sheep yarn by Red Heart, it is the perfect yarn to use on these looms.


You can find the link on Ravelry, free of charge. Enjoy!

If you have any questions, please leave me a comment on this blogpost.

Pattern details:

LOOM:  56 peg Baby Knit Loom (Mint color hat loom) by KB Looms (80 peg Premium Hat loom (orange color hat loom).

YARN:  Approx 65 (105) yds of worsted weight wool yarn. Red Heart Chic Sheep in Vineyard was used in sample (100% wool, 3.5oz/100g; 186yds/170m).

NOTE: 2 sizes provided, baby and adult.


New looms alert!!! Baby Knit Loom Set and Pattern

Boxed up

I am so excited to show the latest set of knitting looms by KB Looms, they are my new favorite! The Baby Knit Loom set is truly so cute! They are the perfect size knitting looms to make newborn baby hats and baby booties.


Details about what is in the package: The set comes with two knitting looms, a 56-peg Hat Loom in a nice soft mint color and a 24-peg Bootie loom in pretty lilac, as well as a knitting tool. They feel so great on the hands and the yarn slides smoothly on those pegs! I absolutely love them! Someone asked me today why I would buy this loom since I can already use the All-n-One to create the same size hat and my response is simple: nothing beats working a hat on a round loom. The process is a lot easier without all those corners to maneuver!

To introduce the set, I created this cute little hat for your enjoyment. You will need some worsted weight yarn, approximately 60 yards. I love working with merino wool yarns for baby items as this yarn is soft to the touch and keeps the baby warm.

Hey buddy

I have uploaded the pattern onto Ravelry, grab your copy today!

Drop me a comment if you have any questions!





56 Peg Sock Loom Heel

56 Peg Sock Loom
Short-row Heel over 28 stitches

Knit from peg 1-27. W&T peg 28.
Knit from peg 27-2. W&T peg 1.
Knit from peg 2-26. W&T peg 27.
Knit from peg 26-3. W&T peg 2.
Knit from peg 3-25. W&T peg 26.
Knit from peg 25-4. W&T peg 3.
Knit from peg 4-24. W&T peg 25.
Knit from peg 24-5. W&T peg 4.
Knit from peg 5-23. W&T peg 24.
Knit from peg 23-6. W&T peg 5.
Knit from peg 6-22. W&T peg 23.
Knit from peg 22-7. W&T peg 6.
Knit from peg 7 to peg 21. W&T peg 22.
Knit from peg 21 to peg 8. W&T peg 7.
Knit from peg 8 to peg 20. W&T peg 21.
Knit from peg 20 to peg 9. W&T peg 8.
Knit from peg 9 to peg 19. W&T peg 20.
Knit from peg 19 to peg 10. W&T peg 9.  End of part 1 of the heel.

(Note: The following increase rows will require working(knitting) previous wraps and stitches together as one. This may be up to 2 wraps and a stitch worked as one.)

Knit from peg 10 to peg 20. W&T peg 21.
Knit from peg 20-9. W&T peg 8.
Knit from peg 9-21. W&T peg 22.
Knit from peg 21- 8. W&T peg 7.
Knit from peg 8-22. W&T peg 23.
Knit from peg 22-7. W&T peg 6.
Knit from peg 7-23. W&T peg 24.
Knit from peg 23-6. W&T peg 5.
Knit from peg 6-24. W&T peg 25.
Knit from peg 24-5. W&T peg 4.
Knit from peg 5-25. W&T peg 26.
Knit from peg 25-4. W&T peg 3.
Knit from peg 4-26. W&T peg 27.
Knit from peg 26-3. W&T peg 2.
Knit from peg 3-27. W&T peg 28.
Knit from peg 27-2. W&T peg 1. End of part 2 of heel. 

On your next round, you will have extra wraps on pegs 1 and 2, work the wraps and the stitch as one as you work that first round. 

Basic Loom Knit Hat

Somedays all you want is to simply sit and watch tv without having to think about what you are knitting. Yes, it is true, knitters can’t really sit without a project on their lap. This Basic Loom Knit Hat is worked with some lovely Noro Silk Garden.

Basic Hat (1)

Knitting loom: Premium Round Loom Set by KBLooms, used the white round loom (72 pegs).

Yarn: Approx 110 yards of worsted weight silk mohair wool blend. Sample used Noro Silk Garden in Train to Tokyo.

Notions: knitting tool, tapestry needle.

Other: Faux pom-pom (optional).

Size: Hat fits up to a 20″ circumference head. If you need a smaller hat, use the purple loom, if you need a larger hat, use the orange loom.


k=knit stitch. You may use the u-stitch. Note: the ewrap stitch will produce looser stitches and a bigger hat and will look different.

p=purl stitch.


Cast on 72 stitches, join to work in the round. (I used the ewrap cast on and then I tightened the cast on after project was done).

Round 1-12: *k2, p2; rep from  to end of round.

Round 13: k to end of round.

Repeat Round 13: until hat reaches desired length (sample was 7 inches from cast on edge).

Next 3 rounds: Repeat Row 1.

Bind off as follows: For bind off, I highly recommend to use a different yarn, perhaps an acrylic that is the same color. This yarn tends to rip apart if you pull it–which you need to do to cinch it close. Cut a piece of yarn that is approximately 16 inches in length, remove all the purl stitches onto this piece of scrap yarn. Now, cut another piece of yarn about 16 inches in length, remove all the knit stitches from the loom. Locate the first piece of scrap yarn and cinch the purl stitches close. Locate the second piece of scrap yarn and cinch it all the knit stitches.

Optional: Add a faux pom pom to the top of the hat.  Note, if you are giving this to a small child, be sure to secure the pom pom very tightly to the hat.