Ode to Spring Shawl Pattern

OdetoSpringShawlI don’t knit very many shawls, perhaps it is due to the time that they take to knit, but they are one of the most favorite items to wear. I only have a couple of them and each one is dear to me.


Recently, I created the Ode to Spring Shawl pattern for distribution at KBLooms.com. It uses a knitting loom with 80 pegs. The sample used the Premium Round Loom Set, however, you can use any other knitting loom that it is similar in gauge.


You can find the pattern on their blog, as well as the video. In case you are not familiar with that blog, I decided to include it here too for your enjoyment.

Published by Isela Phelps

Isela Phelps is author of the Loom Knitting Primer series. She maintains this blog to post some of her knits and loom knits. The blog includes tutorials, videos, free patterns, and some other random bits of her life.