Got Ruffles?

Scarf 019

Quick and super easy. 1 skein of yarn and about 2-3 hours of knitting time. We are talking simple garter stitch. Definitely a project that you can watch tv and not get all confused…unless you grab the wrong strand.

Don't knit with needles? No worries, I've got you covered!



I put together a a video that demonstrates how to use this yarn on a loom.


Published by Isela Phelps

Isela Phelps is author of the Loom Knitting Primer series. She maintains this blog to post some of her knits and loom knits. The blog includes tutorials, videos, free patterns, and some other random bits of her life.

2 thoughts on “Got Ruffles?

  1. A friend posted a couple of pictures of scarves she made using this pattern on the Knitting Loom Lovers page and I just loved it! I asked her about it and she posted the link to this page. Thank you so much, Isela! YOu made it so easy to understand. I am very new to loom knitting and have your Loom knitting primer. I think I may be addicted! I have my scarf started and can’t wait till I have more time to work on it!


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