Sock measurements

I recently got an email asking me if I had measurements for socks based on shoe size. I have the following tables based on shoe size. If the shoe size is between sizes, go between sizes also in the length. All the sizes below are for U.S. sizes, I am sorry, right now I don't have international shoe sizes converted.

Shoe size is on the left and the foot length is on the right. Hope this is helpful!

Happy Looming!

Men Shoe in Inches
Women Sock in Inches
Child Sock in Inches

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2 thoughts on “Sock measurements

  1. Is the size of the sock just for the foot part from the toe to the heel or is it for the entire sock length? I am trying to make some for my great grandson and want them to be right because he lives in another state and have no way of measuring him…thanks for your help.


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