Free Patterns

I have a few patterns posted free on Ravelry. Please follow this link to see them all.

Published by Isela Phelps

Isela Phelps is author of the Loom Knitting Primer series. She maintains this blog to post some of her knits and loom knits. The blog includes tutorials, videos, free patterns.

55 thoughts on “Free Patterns

  1. Hello. I couldn’t find a free pattern for Hooped Scarfs on your website. Will you assist me with my request? Thanks so much.


  2. I just bought 2 of your pattern books, I’m stuck on the children’s earflap hat, the earflap part, at the corners, how can I wrote back n forth with u sop u can help me, email, ravelry, on your blog or on YouTube? Not sure if u will help new but thought it worth a try, I have a Revelry account, my name is Julie Coleman or email me thank Isela


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